Inside Look

National Survey of Student Engagement

The following recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data provide the perspective of 582 first-year students and 914 seniors regarding their engagement with faculty. As the faculty discuss student success, these data may be helpful.

Lunch with the Interim Provost

As a means to foster open communication with faculty, Interim Provost Janna Vice invites the Faculty Senators to join her for a monthly lunch in the Faculty Dining Room of the Powell Fresh Food Company.  This lunch will be held from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the Wednesday following each Faculty Senate meeting.  The next lunch is scheduled for October 7.

EKU named a Great College to Work For

Eastern Kentucky University is among 122 four-year colleges and universities nationally recognized in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s 2009 Great Colleges to Work For® program, the program that recognizes small groups of colleges (based on enrollment size) for specific best practices in areas such as compensation and benefits, work environment, and institutional policies.

Rumor/Myth of the Week

The Provost's Office was recently asked to address a rumor that RTP will be ending in a year or two:

EKU’s administration has had no discussions regarding ending RTP.  RTP remains a valuable personnel management tool when the RTP is considered mutually beneficial to the institution as well as to the retiring faculty members.

Coordination of the Provost's and Associate Provost's Offices

As Dr. Janna Vice serves in the role of Interim Provost during the 2009-10 academic year, the offices both of the Provost and of the Associate Provost will remain intact and will function as usual. For topics about which you would have checked with the Associate Provost’s office, please contact Libby Black (2-8812).

Early Alert System to Promote Student Success

Did you know?  Unless a new student notifies us otherwise, we currently do not know if he/she will actually be in class next week.  The student may have attended summer orientation, registered for classes, but then decided to attend another school.  When our enrollment data is reported to CPE in October, we will include theses students in our enrollment numbers – students w

Approval of the New Associate of General Studies Degree

CPE has notified EKU that our newly proposed Associate of General  Studies degree has been approved.  This new degree is the result of concerted efforts EKU is making to ensure student success.  The collaboration of our Council on Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate, and the Provost's Council, coupled with the support of the President and Board of Regents, has made this degree p

Regional Stewardship

As President Whitlock announced at Convocation, effective September 1, the Office of Regional Stewardship will be moved from Graduate Education and Research to University Programs.  While our Regional Stewardship operation has been nurtured through its fledgling status by Dr.

Degree Works

Academic Affairs is enthusiastic about the potential of the new degree audit and advising tool - Degree Works. Degree Works offers advisors and students the ability to plan out with clarity the student's road to graduation. The Degree Works Academic Planner is a semester by semester, customized curriculum guide to the student's desired academic goal.

College Graduate v. High School Graduate Salaries

The latest census data (2007) shows that the average lifetime earning difference between a bachelors degree and a HS diploma over a 45-year career, is approximately $1.3 million.  A masters degree over a HS diploma will net on average $1.9 million more over a career.