Great journeys begin here.

A good education is the foundation of the economy; and the seminal mission of Eastern Kentucky University was to train teachers for the Commonwealth’s public schools. Today, EKU is ranked among the nation’s finest regional comprehensive public universities thanks in large measure to the excellence of its faculty and academic programs.

Teacher education through the College of Education remains an important part of what EKU does, but through its College of Arts and Sciences, College of Justice and Safety, College of Health Sciences, and College of Business and Technology, EKU is providing key job training and education for more than 16,000 students.

At EKU, an exceptional faculty and modern facilities link amazing opportunities with students who are welcomed, valued, challenged and supported.

Here are a few noteworthy academic successes:

  • A new bioinformatics program links biological and computer sciences, challenging undergrads to decode DNA and use biological information to discover health solutions.
  • Year after year, our graduates secure numerous job placements in fields as varied as sign language interpreting, criminal justice, elementary education, forensic science, communications, environmental health, business and computer science.
  • We share the planet with animals, yet EKU’s Animal Studies undergraduate program is thought to be the world’s first. Students may create their own curriculum, from animal ethics to animals in literature, wildlife law, zoology and comparative psychology.
  • EKU’s student musicians play for international audiences, a creative writing professor’s new novel is ranked “must read” by national critics, and the new EKU Center for the Arts attracts acts such as B.B. King, Jerry Seinfeld, Yo Yo Ma, Blue Man Group, Celtic Woman and regional favorites to campus.
  • Undergraduates have research opportunities at EKU’s Center for Renewable and Alternative Fuel Technologies as the Center’s work is turning Kentucky’s biomass into biofuels. Whether these students’ goal is astrochemistry or “physics for poets,” students are impressed by the University’s New Sciences Building.

At EKU, every one of our 145 areas of study (ranging from associate to doctoral degree programs) prepares students with the critical thinking, communication, research and group skills they will need in any field.  Students now have a stunning resource with the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity – a facility that has captured the attention of leading universities across the nation as well as the media.

Regardless of the students’ career or personal destination, they will find faculty with impressive credentials, dedicated to teaching, mentoring, challenging and encouraging them along the way.  We bring out the very best in our students.  Read some of our alumni success stories, explore all that Eastern has to offer, and learn how you can begin your journey at EKU!

Dr. Janna Vice